OCCRP made its final update to the Russian Asset Tracker on August 4, 2022
Updated 21st Mar 2022
Large House on Lake Fuschl
Value $15,300,000
Location Salzburg, Austria
Owner information
  • Owned by Abramovich’s daughter Anna, who became the owner of this 30,000-square-meter lakeside property in 2017 at the age of 25.
  • Anna was gifted the property by Gabrielle Claire Pearce (a.k.a. Gabrielle Tenenbaum), the wife of Eugene Tenebaum, a board director at Chelsea FC and a former longstanding director at Abramovich companies Evraz and Millhouse Capital.
  • Eugene Tenenbaum calls himself “one of Roman Abramovich’s closest associates.”
Credit: Leon La Marca/OCCRP