OCCRP made its final update to the Russian Asset Tracker on August 4, 2022
Updated 6th Apr 2022
Airbus Eurocopter (G-CLUL)
Value $4,900,000
Location Russia
Owner information

G-CLUL, de-registered from the U.K. aircraft registry on February 8, 2022, is owned through British Virgin Islands company Wenham Overseas Ltd, which also owns Abramovich’s Boeing 787 and two yachts, Halo and Garcon. The Financial Investigation Agency of the British Virgin Islands confirmed that Abramovich is the ultimate owner of Wenham Overseas Ltd., the Financial Times reported in April and OCCRP later confirmed.

Law firm Ince Germany has since denied that Abramovich owns the British Virgin Islands company, arguing that the official records have not yet reflected a change in ownership

Credit: OCCRP