Updated 21st Mar 2022
Large Brick Mansion near Hampstead Heath
Value $30,800,000
Location Danewood Drive, North London
Owner information
  • Owned by Usmanov’s young nephew, Sarvar Ismailov.
  • Ismailov is in his late 20s. For several years, he worked with the Everton Football Club.

In response to inquiries from journalists, a representative of Alisher Usmanov wrote that “The suggestion that Sarvar Ismailov … used Mr. Usmanov’s funds to purchase real estate is incorrect.” Instead, the representative wrote, Usmanov had “provided funds to his sister, Mrs. Gulbakhor Ismailova, on the basis of family ties. How she disposed of that money was entirely up to her. This also applies to … possible transfers to her children.”

Credit: Ilya Lozovsky / OCCRP