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Dmitry Peskov
Vladimir Putin’s spokesman
Reason for inclusion

Former diplomat who served as a deputy press secretary to Russian President Vladimir Putin from his election in 2000 until 2012, when he became the presidential press secretary and the deputy chief of the Presidential Executive Office.

Peskov has publicly defended Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, and stressed that the illegally annexed territory of Crimea is an integral part of Russia that will never be returned.

His role in Russia’s global disinformation campaign led to him being sanctioned by the U.S. It separately sanctioned his family members for living “luxurious lifestyles that are incongruous with Peskov’s civil servant salary and are likely built on the ill-gotten wealth of Peskov’s connections to Putin.”

Related parties

Ekaterina Solotsinskaya (ex-wife), Elizaveta Peskova (daughter)

EU February 28, 2022
US March 03, 2022
CA March 06, 2022
US March 11, 2022 (mily members)