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Umaru Ali Shinkafi
Max bal. CHF 62,869,668
Country Nigeria
Credit: Dr. Zainab Shinkafi Bagudu

Former Nigerian spy chief, presidential and vice-presidential aspirant, and close associate of corrupt military dictator Sani Abacha. Shinkafi’s son-in-law, Atiku Bagudu, also served as a key money launderer for the Abacha family, according to U.S. prosecutors.

Read OCCRP’s investigation into how Shinkafi’s highest-value account in the Suisse Secrets data was shared between powerful political figures from West and Central Africa and employees of a Swiss-based firm at the heart of a massive bribery scandal in Nigeria.

Credit: Dr. Zainab Shinkafi Bagudu
Account type
Account open
Max account bal.
On Jan 1st 2022 100 CHF = 110 USD
Key events
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Unsuccessful presidential run
Death of Sani Abacha
Bid for vice presidency