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Rza and Seymur Talibov
Max bal. CHF 8,598,207
Country Azerbaijan
Credit: Instagram

The two sons of the authoritarian leader of Nakhchivan, an isolated Azerbaijani exclave bordering Iran, Armenia, and Turkey. Their father, Vasif Talibov, has ruled the territory with an iron fist since the mid-90s, using his near-absolute power to silence critics and independent media.

The elder Talibov brother, Rza, has worked as a government official since at least 2015. His younger brother Seymur sits in the local legislative assembly, which the Norwegian Helsinki Committee has described as a rubber-stamp parliament that “meets only occasionally to accept laws already promulgated by Talibov.”

The brothers received over $20 million in questionable transfers to their accounts at Credit Suisse and other banks. Read OCCRP’s investigation about the Talibov family and their Credit Suisse accounts.

Credit: Instagram
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Talibov takes leadership of Nakhchivan
Human rights violations flagged
Questionable transactions
Report excoriates conditions in Nakhchivan