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Nadezhda Tokayeva
Max bal. CHF 1,529,668
Country Kazakhstan
Credit: United Nations Woman's Guild

Former wife of Kazakhstan’s current president, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. Very little has been known about Tokayeva, who is now divorced from him.

She is not publicly known to have any business interests, other than registering to rent out property in Moscow. Her husband was a public servant for his entire career, holding high-level positions like foreign minister and prime minister during the period she held her account. He also was not publicly known to own any businesses. Half a year before the account was closed, he became director-general of the United Nations’ Geneva office.

The couple’s son Timur Tokayev, who attended an elite boarding school in Geneva, had power of attorney over the account starting from the age of 14. As of January 2022, he had three apartments in the area.

Read OCCRP’s investigation into the Tokayevs’ Credit Suisse account.

Credit: United Nations Woman's Guild
Account type
Account open
Max account bal.
On Jan 1st 2022 100 CHF = 110 USD
Key events
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Tokayev appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs
Tokayev becomes Prime Minister
Tokayev chairs the Senate
Move to Geneva