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Samir Rifai
Max bal. CHF 4,321,839
Country Jordan
Credit: Facebook

Prime minister of Jordan for just over a year, until he resigned in February 2011 during the Arab Spring protests. He has held various ministerial and royal court positions, and currently chairs the Royal Committee to Modernize the Political System. Rifai has also been active in business, and was publicly accused of corruption by Arab Spring protesters.

His name appeared on multiple accounts, some held jointly with family members. Rifai said his assets were duly declared and that he could “totally, unequivocally, and utterly” rule out any suggestion of illicit sources. He said that during the Arab Spring “you would find it very difficult to find someone who worked in government who was not accused of corruption."

He said the funds in one account with a maximum balance worth over 12 million Swiss francs were his wife’s.

Read OCCRP’s investigation into how Credit Suisse served regional elite on the eve of the Arab Spring.

Credit: Facebook
Account type
Account open
Max account bal.
On Jan 1st 2022 100 CHF = 110 USD
Key events
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Becomes investment fund CEO
Appointed Prime Minister
Resigns amid protests