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Eduard Seidel
Max bal. CHF 54,535,616
Country Germany
Credit: Provided to NDR

The managing director for the Nigerian operation of German industrial conglomerate Siemens, which was fined a combined $1.34 billion for bribery in 2008. Over two decades Seidel bribed Nigerian officials in order to win contracts for Siemens.

Although allegations that he had been part of the Siemens bribery scandal in Nigeria were first reported in 2007, two of Seidel’s six accounts — both of which were jointly owned with his wife — remained open for at least almost 10 more years.

Read more on OCCR’s investigation into Seidel’s Credit Suisse accounts.

Credit: Provided to NDR
Account type
Account open
Max account bal.
On Jan 1st 2022 100 CHF = 110 USD
Key events
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Charged with bribery
Declared a fugitive in Nigeria